Thursday, May 9, 2013

Craft Barn Challenge

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to play catch up with pieces for the challenges I am involved with. This posting is the Craft Barn Challenge, letter A. I pondered over words and finally zoomed in on something a little different my normal type pieces. I used the word Atom.
First I gessoed the pages of the dictionary and glued them onto my page. Outlining the definition with marker. Once gesso was dry I ran chalk sideways up and down the page for some hues in the background. I drew an atom diagram on one side and a nuclear atom on the other. I added embellishments and lettering in Zigzag memory system pens. Finally I finished with spray Mod-Podge to seal the piece. It is different then most of my work, but it works for me in reference to this challenge. Hope to see your postings for this challenge. I like looking at what other artist come up with for these letters.  I will be posting for other challenges over the weekend. Have a blessed day.


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