Friday, April 26, 2013

Paint Party Friday

This is one of my favorite pieces to date. This is "Paris Lights" and is painted on a 12x12 canvas. The background is Cobalt blue with Prussian blue blended, then while wet I blended Titanium white. The tower is lamp black, then highlights are Ochre Yellow and Gold. Dot highlights are Titanium white. I then added the lamp posts in Lamp Black with Yellow Ochre and Bright Yellow globes. After thoroughly drying I signed it and then sealed it with spray Gloss Mod Podge. So this is my posting for Party Friday. I can't wait to start a new piece for next week, but I have several works in progress for other challenges. I really need to get busy, but I am being side tracked by the soon to be birth of my third great grandchild. Bentley Moore Jenkins should arrive before the day is over God willing. I hope everyone has a creative and blessed weekend. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Minute Warm-up sketches

I am moving on to the sketching phase of my art journey. Thus far most of my work is all paint, collages and mix media journal pages, then I tried my hand at acrylic painting on canvas. I want to get better at sketching so I can draw my own objects to paint or whatever. Diane Evans has a 10 minute warm up and I thought I am off to work on some pieces for my journal and challenges. Have a great day.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creative Tuesday Challenge

Well this has been a busy weekend. I have been doing some paintings on canvas. I also finished up pieces for challenges. The Creative Tuesday Challenge theme is Stripes. Sketching is definitely not one of my better attributes, but I continue to work at it so hopefully I can get better. Any way the other morning I was standing at the patio door looking out when I noticed all the stripes in my view and thought that would be a different piece then I have done before. So I got my pencil and ink pens and started to sketch. So here is a view of our backyard. The grass and sky are pad chalks and the sketches were done with my Zig Memory pens. I always seal my work with spray gloss mod podge.
I welcome any comments as this inspires me to keep working and getting better. Have a blessed week.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge

This was a fun piece to do. It is my posting for Inspiration Avenue  Challenge. The theme was blossom. This is done on a 12x12 canvas with acrylic paints. The background is a base coat of Cobalt blue, highlighted with violet, white, ultramarine blue and lemon yellow. The blossoms are violet and white added to make the lighter highlights. This has dual inspiration for me, the challenge was one but I have done this for my mother as a Mother's Day gift.

Paint Party Friday

Choice Martini for Happy Hour anyone. This is a 16x20 canvas and I used acrylic paints. The table is a blend of burnt umber, raw sienna and gold. The background behind the bar is Cobalt blue, blended with ultramine blue and white. This is my first posting to Paint Friday but I saw some really good works of art already posted. I will be posting some other pieces that I did for other challenges. I hope you are all having a fun creative week. Please leave comments to let me know you have been here. Have a blessed weekend.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New works

good afternoon,
How has your week gone in your creative endeavors. I am working in a little different direction this week. I did two paintings on canvas, very new to this. I received a gift of a canvas painting session and now I am hooked. Also I have finished my page for the Craft Barn Challenge  Letter R. I will post all three items and would love any comments or feedback. Have a great week and will post again

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shaving cream and food color backgrounds

I hope everyone is having a good week.

 I had someone ask how I do the shaving cream and food coloring backgrounds I use sometimes, so I hope this instruction will be understandable. First I get a glass plate and spray about 1/2 inch layer of shaving cream on the plate, then take a palette knife and smooth out the cream. Next I take two or three colors of food covering and squirt several drops randomly on the shaving cream. Then use a tooth pick and swirl like you would do on a marble cake. Don't stir or swirl to much or your cream will turn gray. When you have your color the way you want it lay your card stock, or paper front side down on the top of the cream lightly pushing to capture the design. After a few seconds remove the paper, lay on newspaper or some kind of covering on your work area. Take a firm card like an old credit card and scrape excess shaving cream off of the paper. Let dry which is very quick and you are ready to use. The shaving cream left over can be used again, I usually get four different backgrounds before the color starts muddling and turning gray/greenish. I think this is an easy process, and hope I explained in a simple enough manner. If you have additional questions post them on comments and I will get back with you.
Are there any other artist whom would like to share a technique with us, please do under comments. This is how I am learning is with other sharing idea, techniques, etc.
I am working on the challenge sponsored on Craft Barn with this weeks challenge being the letter R, if you have never participated check it out. Have a great and creative week; let us know what you are involved in.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter. I finished my Umbrella Lady, and will post it. Not great, but not to shabby for my first canvas. I also did several journal pages, one was supposed to be  posted on Inspirational Ave. Challenge, once again I missed the dead line. One was for  Creative Every Day Challenge, the theme was black/white this month. I really enjoyed doing both of these pages. Now I need to get a start for April's challenges. Letter R for Craft Barn, Creative Everyday theme this month is color which I think will be very inspirational for Spring. I have to check out and see what Inspirational Ave.'s challenge is. These are the 3 I try to always participate and may find a couple more this month since Spring seems to inspire to paint and journal more. Look forward to hearing from you, what challenges do you participate in ? Show off some of your pieces to gives others inspiration. Have a Blessed Day.