Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is the first entry I have blogged in about 2 years. I hope to be able to get back into it quite a bit as I really enjoy it.
this is my entry for Creative Tuesday March 15th  " Baked Goodness" . Mine is the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence. Shown are the blackbirds, pie, and clothesline.


  1. lovely take on the theme Kathy! Welcome back to blogland!

  2. Well, Kathy, I am so honoured and thrilled you picked up your blog again and for Creative Tuesdays. Thank you! I like the fact you did a collage as that is perfectly allowed but rarely seen over on CT. I'd love to see this a littel bigger as I can't quite make out some areas but thank you for all the creativity. Do, btw, be sure to add a link back to CT for others who might stumble here. Thanks again and hope to see you for the next round!

  3. Hi Kathy, I really liked your creative take on baked goodness. Using 3-D items like the clothespins is very creative indeed. And the black birds are soaring so nicely. It's really great that you hadn't given up and that you're back to your blog. I wish you creative blessings and happy heart hugs. :-)